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Zero maintenance Sport and Utility ATV mufflers from GGB

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<body> <font class="tsArticleHeadline" size="3">Zero maintenance Sport and Utility ATV mufflers from GGB</font><p align="left">
Tired of drilling out rivets and re-packing your muffler, just so it sounds and performs they way it did when it was new? Well now you don’t have to. GGB has made this type of muffler construction a thing of the past. After extensive development, the team at GGB has designed a totally new, advanced muffler system for both the Utility and Sport quad markets. All GGB mufflers incorporate sound wave cancellation technology to effectively reduce engine noise, rather than using filler materials and perforated screens. The end result is a zero maintenance muffler with an exotic sounding exhaust note that won’t get louder over time and all the arm stretching power your looking for. These things sound so good you won’t want to shut your bike off.</p> <p align="center">GGB Exhaust Technologies - Manufacturing the largest line of Performance and Utility exhaust systems available.
888-898-9902</p> </body>
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Sounds interesting ! (No Pun inteneded) ....... Thanks for the info & I think I'll check out the web site.

Later ...
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