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YamaLubes has new packaging

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KENNESAW, Ga., Feb. 1 /PRNewswire/ -- Yamaha Motor Corporation has introduced exciting new packaging for its new line-up of high-performance Yamalube motorsport oils. Point-of-purchase displays, catalogs and additional collateral materials showcase a bold new bottle with a distinctive diamond plate pattern design.

Yamalube labels now feature action photographs of motorcycles, ATV's, snowmobiles and side-by-sides from the operator's point of view that aid the customer in recognizing the right oil for their application. Paired with the new custom molded 3-D bottle with diamond plate enhancement, Yamaha strives to stand out in the market.

"We're really proud of the new design. We are confident that the packaging will guide our new and long-time customers to the perfect oil that will ensure high-performance results for the lifetime of their Yamaha product," says John Tomsche, Yamaha's Manager of Yamalube Product Development.

Yamalube's newest line of high-performance oils were developed in response to the demands of the four-stroke engines that now dominate the market. Yamaha engineers specially formulated the line of all-purpose, semi- and full- synthetic motor oils to enhance the performance of all Yamaha motorsport products, from sportbikes to watercraft.

"The future is bright for Yamalube. We're leading the industry in innovative new products and maintaining our reputation for delivering high- performance and quality," adds Tomsche.

Customers can find exciting new Yamalube oils at their local Yamaha dealerships. The Yamalube product line-up is creatively displayed in a unique oversized retail version of the Yamalube bottle prominently showcasing the Yamalube logo with distinctive style.

About Yamalube Products

Yamalube oils are designed, formulated, and developed by the same team of engineers who design Yamaha engines. These engineers specify the optimal ingredients to be used for the type of conditions in which the engine operates. All Yamalube performance oils undergo extensive testing in the laboratory and in the field to ensure customers get the best oil products possible. For more information, visit or call 1-800-88-YAMAHA.
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