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Yamaha Raptor 250 Named A Consumers Digest Best Buy

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Yamaha Raptor 250 Named A Consumers Digest Best Buy

CYPRESS, Calif. – May 28, 2008 – Yamaha Motor Corp., U.S.A., maker of the toughest, most capable ATV and Side-by-Side (SxS) vehicles, is proud to announce that the Yamaha Raptor 250 and Raptor 250 SE were recently named Consumers Digest Best Buys in the Sport ATV category.

Yamaha’s new Raptor 250 has raised the bar in entry-level sport ATVs. Unlike competing models, which are typically modified from a utility ATV base, the Raptor 250 was built as a sport machine from the ground-up providing superior performance for new or experienced riders (not recommended for riders under 16-years-old).

The Raptor 250 and Raptor 250 SE were both selected as Best Buys in the Economy [E] sub-category. This rating designates products that provide the essential performance capabilities but with minimal or no added features allowing for an advantageous price to cost-conscious consumers. Economy Best Buys reflect top-notch yet no-frills equipment – and with snappy power and handling that matches sport quads twice the price, the Yamaha Raptor 250 units offer exactly that.

The standards used to determine the Best Buys in ATVs were based on performance, ease-of-use, features and reliability. A documentation checklist was completed as backup to support each Best Buy recommendation. The checklist must include at least three of the following Best Buy sources: personal testing by the author; independent testing at a research facility; reports from governmental agencies, other independent technical expert testing, retail establishments, service outlets, Consumers Digest readers and other consumer surveys; or previously published evaluations in print media.

Consumers Digest Best Buys are model-specific, extremely selective and divided into discrete product categories. These products represent outstanding quality and value in the marketplace, and on average, a Consumers Digest Best Buy is awarded to fewer than three percent of the competing models in any give product category.

“The Raptor 250 combines Yamaha’s leading innovation and design with our top quality engineering and manufacturing,” said Steve Nessl, Yamaha’s ATV/SxS marketing manager. “Everyone here at Yamaha is honored to be acknowledged as a Consumers Digest Best Buy in our category.”

The Raptor 250 and Raptor 250 SE both offer a 249cc air-cooled SOHC four-stroke single engine that produces a broad, deep powerband. As one of the lightest production sport ATVs ever built, the machine offers superior handling and a great power-to-weight ratio. Additionally, the Raptor 250 and Raptor 250 SE offer the longest suspension travel and lowest seat height in its class for true sport handling. The Raptor 250 is available in Gray/Red or Yamaha Team Blue/White. The Raptor 250 SE is available in Black with a special graphics package, or Black/Orange with GYTR heel guards and GYTR front grab bar. Both SE models offer additional features including adjustable front brake levers and bright LED taillights.
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I didn't know consumer reports rated quads. I would think that media source would hate them!
We bought a Raptor 250 for our 11 year old son. It is actually his fourth ATV, being as he started out at age 5 on a Polaris Scrambler 50, then moved to a Honda Sportrax 90 at age 8, then to a Grizzly 125 at age 9, then finally to the Raptor 250 at age 11. He absolutely loves the little Raptor, and has done surprisingly well on it. He has also ridden motorcycles, and has been desert racing his current KTM 65 SX, so he already had the clutch figured out.

The Raptor 250 is great, even for an above average sized adult like myself. I have ridden it several times, and always have lots of fun on the little quad. The suspension is surprisingly good for an entry level 250cc ATV. I found that I could pretty much just keep the throttle pinned when riding sand whoops, even in 5th gear. The Raptor 250 is so light that it just skims across the tops of the whoops at that speed, and the front tires almost dont even touch the tops of the whoops. Pretty amazing little quad if you ask me. I would highly recommend one for a youth rider, or beginning rider that doesn't need all the power of a 400+ cc sport ATV.

Here is one happy little 11 year old, doing donuts around camp.
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That's a bad little ride and an awesome picture! We don't see terrain like that around these parts.
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