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Yamaha Motors releases 2008 model side by side UTV's

This year the Yamaha Rhino has gone to the next step in off road performance by the addition of the new 686 cc Raptor and Grizzly based engine. Along with the added displacement they have also included the potent EFI system that the 2 machines have making this one mean side by side.

But that’s not all they gave a 4-wheel disk brake system for superior stopping power and a parking brake to add convenience.

The new 2008 Rhino lineup will include a different steering wheel as well a "new" passenger grab handle.

2 new creature comforts include cup holders, CV boot protectors and a tool free air cleaner to make life just a little easier.

All in all I think the new Rhino is going to be a great machine for fun and work. We can't wait to test one out.

For more information on the new 2008 Yamaha Rhino lineup see your local Yamaha dealer or visit
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