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Xtreme Recall Helmet Cam

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Good find, I just gave them a buzz.

Thanks Stray!

Let me say, impressive capability they have. We're working on a package.

Hopefully he will join up soon and post some info about their cams. I have just asked him to post some info for our viewers since it looks like something we will be reviewing for them.

Alrighty, just wanted to let everyone know that we now have another review to do.

After speaking for a 3rd time this evening to one of the owners of Xtreme Recall, they will be sending me a box of goodies and a couple of different models of their cams. One is a smaller, compact unit and another is a bit larger.

They also have an available external Sony battery pack worth 7+ hours of recording time that we will get in our goods.

Hopefully we will get input from Sargon as to the differences in the 2 and he can lend some insight to their systems.

Gunny, this cam will be right up your ally you camera hog! :rockon: and will blow the Epic, POV and Go-Pro out of the water. :thumbup:

I'll post some pics of the setup once we receive it prior to the review.

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Gunny, this cam will be right up your ally you camera hog! :rockon: and will blow the Epic, POV and Go-Pro out of the water. :thumbup:

I'll post some pics of the setup once we receive it prior to the review.

Well, I'm not to impressed witht he EPIC cam ... I actually have put in the drawer never to be used again.

And I doubt I'll spend another $600 on another camera. In my opinion, the G-Pro is hard to beat for $200. And from what I saw on the Xtreme web site, there's more to haul around than the POV ..... but I'll wait to see what you get.

I can't look at the video's becasue they require some stupid plug-in .... that kinda crap from an online seller pisses me off right off the bat. :banging:

But .... I'll wait to see what you get, & read yer report. :eek:ccasion14:

Dang, you get all the neat stuff ...... :sad11:

Later ....
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What do you mean they require some plugin? All ya gotta have is windows media player. That ain't a plugin. It comes installed with windows, less your running a Mac or unless your running some old ass version of media player. Mine ain't up to date and plays fine.
Dude ... I have WMP 11 ... and when I click on the freak'in video, I get a pop-up box, that reads I need some plug-in ..... & it won't install automatically. I have to go to some website .... and well .......... ferget it dude !!! :beer"

Besides, I'm try'in to get ready to go rid'in tomorrow ... gotta a 100 mile oneway trip .... & 0400 comes early ..... :coffee:

Later ....
the xtreme recall system looks to be very versatile, and in my opinion, a little extra gear would be well worth the availability to use it in alot of different conditions. as for viewing their online archive, i don't know what plugin you need... i was able to watch them fine, and actually downloaded the motard and watched it (several times) using VLC media player. i think the quality looks great!
I can't imagine what plugin he needs either. However, I know when Gunny first came here, we had problems with his computer and our forum. Just some weird little stuff but we finally got the kinks worked out.

I can't remember what browser he is using. I wonder if it's Firefox and something that he doesn't have installed in Firefox.

In speaking with them yesterday, there system is amazingly advanced and has amazing features and options. I'm pretty stoaked about it.
i run firefox and didn't have any issues...
wow! just watched a few more. the slow motion really shows how much detail this system records. check this out...

Xtreme Recall Helmet Cam Systems – In-Car Mounts & Helmet Camera Accessories

near the end, it goes to slo-mo. watch the detail as the casings are ejected.
OK, got to watch the video today .... on my laptop .... and looked at all the camera parts.

And I'm going to be objective here ..... 1st) I personally don't think the video is any better than the POV video. Now, the video I watch on my computer compared to the video you watch on Youtube, are NOT the same quality. Trust me. And there's nothing I can do about that .... not sure once you take a video with the Xtreme cam it will be any better when watched on Youtube ??

2nd) You have to wear that ruck ?? ... Well that's gonna get ya warm .... and, you could do that with the POV, if ya wanted. I like the POV on the handlebar so I can see what the camera head is look'in at AND, to tell if I have it "Level" ..... So ....

3rd) You still have to buy a recorder of some sort ... that's more money ?? ... the POV is four pieces ... the remote (which isn't required by the way) .... the recorder unit, the camera head, & the cable. Pretty simple, eh ??

4th) The remote is NOT wireless .... so that's another freak'in cable you need to run ... whether that's on yer bod or yer handlebar.

5th) With the 12v adapter (which is extra) and then hardwiring it to the bike .... I never have to worry about a batteries go'in dead or pack'in a charger around. To me, that was a WAY nice & necessary feature.

There are other recorders out there just like this one. One is the "Action Cam" Helmet Cameras By ACTIONVIDEOCAMS.COM HELMET CAM - BULLET CAMERA -VIDEO CAMERA SYSTEMS - Helmet Cams

Another is the "VHold" ... which is a tad different & maybe a tad larger ...
Vholdr ContourHD, High Definition Wearable POV Helmet Cam. Wearable Contour HD Camcorder. -

And the "HoytTech" camera ... which I almost bought .... and no extra recorder required ...
Hoyttech - Shop By Brand - Cameras -

And there are others too .....
ELMO SUV-Cam PROFESSIONAL (Recorder Only) + FREE 4GB SDHC Memory - Elmo - Shop By Brand - Cameras -

FCII Fire Cam -

Sportzshot - 580 POV Helmet Cam & DVR

So, to tell me the Xtreme cam is gonna take better video than the POV & has more to offer .... OK, if you say so ... but I really doubt it ....... and I'm not say'in the POV is better than the Xtreme cam either ... they are both, one of many, high quality helmet cams on the market ........ However, I look way forward to seeing some video from the Xtreme cam ... :icon_thumleft:

BTW ... if I WAS to get another helmet cam .... it would be the Hoyttech ....

Later ...
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