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Here's a video I put on vimeo from this cam setup.

This is a phenomenal camera setup that is so expandable that you cannot imagine. You can extend the lnegth of cables and mout cameras anywhere you want. For an ATV person, this is a great setup. For our quad, we mounted on eon the front and one on the rear with RAM mounts. Xtreme Recall provided us with a remote switch so we could flip between the two cameras on the fly during recording.. PLUS, we were provided with a power button that we were able to mount on our handlebars that enabled us to power the camera on and off while riding whenever we wanted to. The switch has a built in LED that is colored one color when the cam is recording and another color when it is not for easy detection of the record mode.

Built in image stabilization is amazing and we can't say enough about that. With the camera mounted low on the front of our quad at high speed, and over a rough trail ride you can see that the video is clean and clear.

Here's another one I did that is 6 minutes long. This one has 3 sections to it. a slow speed trail ride, then it moves into a bit faster paced so you can really get a feel for the speed the way I have it mounted, then the final portion is me hitting a small jump 2 times, one with the front camera on and the other with the rear camera. Bits and pieces of the first two sections also have footage using the rear cam.

It is amazing to me with this system with it mounted to the quad and riding on rough trails or jumping how good the image stabilization is.

It sux that Youtube downgrades it so much and that there isn't some aleranative other than having our own streaming video server.

Anyway, here it is:

See this images attached at the bottom to see our Xtreme Recall Camera System mounted up.

Contact Infomation:
Xtreme Recall
Xtreme Recall Helmet Cam Systems – In-Car Mounts & Helmet Camera Accessories


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