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Press Release
September 1, 2009

Charlotte, NC – September 1, 2009 - X-Tream Clean Products is proud to introduce a new product to our vast line up of specialized products for the powersports industry called XTC ClearView Goggle & Lens Cleaner with Fog Reducer. XTC ClearView Goggle & Lens Cleaner is specifically designed for any MX / ATV goggles, lenses and helmet shields. Product will clean to a non-streak shine by cutting through dirt, dust, films and general grime to give your goggles, lenses and shields that perfect ClearView to help you maintain your line around the track or on the street. With the addition of Fog Reducer this product can also reduce or eliminate goggle fog in cold weather, moist environments or athletic activities. XTC ClearView Goggle & Lens Cleaner can be used on glass, plastic or Lexan lenses without harm. Product can also be used to clean eyeglasses, sunglasses, lenses, camera lenses, sports optics, face shields, binoculars and scopes. XTC ClearView Goggle & Lens Cleaner is a water based product that is ammonia free, alcohol free and hypo-allergenic. It will not burn or irritate eyes from its mist or fumes.

X-Tream Clean Products develops and markets cleaning products designed specifically for the powersports industry. For further information please visit X-Tream Clean Products or email [email protected].


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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