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Would you be interested in purchasing an aftermarket suspension?

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Obviously a good suspension cost money. Would you consider purchasing a good aftermarket suspension if the price was right?
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Yes I would, ... and have done so before. It would have to be a company that I know makes a good product, or based on having ridden the same model ATV that I have with the same suspension I planned to buy, or based on the recommendation of someone I trusted.

Aftermarket suspension can make a dramatic improvement in handling, and overall rider ability, both for racing and sport riding. In my younger days upgrading to an Ohlins shock on a CR 500 dirt bike improved my desert race finishes from mid pack in the novice class, to first overall in the amature class. In my not so younger years upgrading to Ohlins shocks on a DS 650 ATV improved my desert race finishes from 5th or 6th place in local desert races, to a second place finish in an AMA National desert race. Suspension makes far more improvement than a few extra horsepower from an aftermarket exhaust, air intake mods, etc. Other changes to an ATV to improve handling, or improve the riders ability to charge harder on the ATV also make great gains, and by that I am talking about steering stabilizers, aftermarket tires, better ergonomics on handlebars, throttle levers, clutch levers, etc.

So yes, you bet an improved suspension would be worth that amount.
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Not that I race, but I do like a fast paced ride and if it's more comfortable all around. I'm in!
Possibly we should do another poll regarding price ranges that would interest people and what would entice the voters into spending slightly more than they had planned, for example free shipping or a slight premium member discount, a full review prior to buying, etc.. This will give us an idea of people's suspension budget so we can better work with suppliers.
I for one would not at this point. I am not an agressive rider that would require me to change the suspension. I have little knowledge on the subject which may be half the reason why I am relucatant to do so. Cost is another factor I would need to justify. Again it all comes down to the riding I do.
Well Thom, what type of riding do you do exactly?
I think that on a mod like this the quality of the product is as important, or even more important than the cost. It can be expensive, but it is sometimes worth spending several hundred dollars more to get suspension that makes a dramatic improvement, as opposed to saving that several hundred dollars and getting suspension that makes a much more subtle improvement. I guess you can tell I'm an old desert racer, because desert races are won with suspension, not horsepower. Suspension is the single most important item on an off road vehicle for where I ride.
BusterW said:
Well Thom, what type of riding do you do exactly?
He mostly rides in sheep pastures with his buddy Bill
I think if you are riding fast enough on your quad to even think suspension would be an advantage over your competetors you need to look at what your looking to do to improve yourself. I have seen others buy suspension to better there speed but if there not willing to push themselves to the limitations of the bike and the suspension the cost isnt worth it . If you just want braging writes and a conversation starter spend the money. If you like to ride WFO 75% of the time suspension costs will pay off . If not it wont. And I will say if your going to buy shocks buy the best nothing good is cheep and nothing cheep is good so suck it up bolt on some new shocks and push them till they break.If you dare.
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