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Winch Choice

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Have any of you done a write up or test on any of the other winch brands besides warn? I need one for the Brute and would ike honest opinions on the other manufacturers. I had a dealer installed Warn on my polaris. I had a Venom on my Arctic Cat that I installed. Both I had no trouble with. The Venom and Viper are the same and they now come water sealed. I was thinking of getting another Venom/Viper but wanted some insight first. MotoAlliance sells the Viper and I have spoken to Peter from Moto Alliance on line before. Classic Series with green synthetic is only 149.00. Over 200.00 for sealed with synthetic.
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No problem Bandit, I know of a couple of deep holes at the wagon wheel that you wont make it out of with out a little electric help !!!

I have an extreme 3k - it broke, well I think the switch broke. Only goes one way. I reversed the leads and now it will spool back up. The bad part is , is that I power the winch out , i have to free spool it.

ohh well, i always seem to ride with someone that has a Warn anyway - lol
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