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Winch Cable???

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I am getting ready to purchase a new winch. I am not reall sure I want to pay the extra $$$ for the synthetic cable. What it everyones take on synthetic winch cable vs. the steel cable seems like it would be the strongest. But how strong do you really need it to be?
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All the new ATV winches are coming standard with synthetic cable now. It is much stronger than steel at the same diameter and it has no "spring" in it so Its much safer to winch with than steel.

I have had no issues with my synthetic cable since getting a new Warn 3500 pound winch with it already on there. You just have to keep it clean. I just unreal it and rinse it off after each ride where I needed to use it to recover my buddies in the mud.
The few times I've used my winch I found myself secretly worring about the darn thing snapping and coming back to rip my head off. Eliminating this threat is worth it IMHO. I also don't think the synthetics are weaker than the steel. I used to think that until I watched video of one with a jeep hanging off it, literally.
You should always throw a coat, towel or something over the line when winching with steel cable.
Midgetracer ... I agree with the others here ... and I've had steel cable on my winches on my truck & my Grizz. I do a lot of winching & use it every winter with my snowplow .... and I will never go back to steel cable winch line.

The synthetic rope is much easier & safer to use ... IMO .... here's some reasons why:
1) Won't get a kink in it when overlapped when winching.
2) If the rope does happen to break while winching, the rope doesn't store energy & therefore won't come fly'in back to "Take Yer Head Off" as Battlegun wrote ... it will just fall to the ground. (I've had steel cable come back & go thru windshields ... not fun.)
3) The synthetic rope doesn't get burrs on it, that rip yer hands when spooling out or in ....
4) Lighter in weight ...
5) Easier to drag out to a winching point, move around to get into position, etc.

The only downside I can think of is, you have to make sure the rope doesn't go across any sharp edges, or might become cut in anyway while winching ... you have to remember ... it's rope ... treat it accordingly.

I've had my winch rope on my Grizz for over a year now. Ran it out the other day to clean it & rewind it after my last winching exercise ... have two seasons use with it with my snowplow too ... and the rope STILL looks like new ... one snowplow season with my steel cable & that stuff was ruined !

And like Smoothbassman wrote ... all the new winches are coming with it.

Later ...
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