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There is information circulating that Can Am / BRP will soon be releasing a side by side product much like the Polaris RZR.
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I sincerely believe they will. I think they are pretty tight lipped about their products though, so right now I can only go by what I have read.
I hope some one does to compete with Polaris Razor,so maybe the price will come down.
My belief is they will. If they don't, I'd bet a case of your favorite drinks it is because of the current global market.

I've read too much, including an interview with the BRP CEO stating that a side-by-side was in their plans. And I do believe they will build something to compete with the razor. JMHO.
Stiffler, I can't say that I've heard the Outlander end of this rumor, but I "heard" from a "dealer" that the new SxS would possibly have a 990cc powerplant from one of their sleds. I'm not a sled guy and I never researched to even see if they have a 990cc sled motor. That would be classed as a 1000cc though.

Is it just me or does the rumor mill turn much more wickedly in the ATV industry verses...say the Auto industry? These guys are tight lipped for sure!
Well said GW. And truth be known, the current products available are truely amazing machines.
1 - 4 of 15 Posts
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