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There is information circulating that Can Am / BRP will soon be releasing a side by side product much like the Polaris RZR.
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Koko said:
Especially one with a better front suspension than the Outlander.
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I think they have to, no matter what the global market currently demands. Their market share is already struggling with what they currently have. Understandably everyone else is in the same line; however, they have a lot of overhead from some financial papers that I have read which is causing them a lot of issues. Very similar to what the Big 3 are going through now.

Can Am seems to be basing a lot of their market exposure and penetration on the racing teams and HP aspect. The foreign companies have shut down many of their racing teams and focused on other aspects of marketing and advertising to cut overhead. Additionally back in December prior to things getting really bad they cut nearly 1000 jobs and production by over 20% and consolidating several divisions of the company This all happened last year before things really got bad. To top that off, they recently have just asked for an 80 million dollar loan to consolidate their debt. This request had lowered their long term corporate credit rating with the S&P and made shareholders question the viability of the company.

Can Am has no where else to cut at this point. Hopefully we are on the rebound from the recession and they are able to pull through this. The good thing is, BRP has more to fall back on with the Evinrude, Johnson, Ski-Doo and Sea-Doo lines.
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But with BRP I have always learned believe it when you see it...
That's with all of the manufacturers.
Well FWIW in all my dealing with manufacturers and dealers, I constantly hear the following:

Kawasaki is making an 850 EPS
Yamaha will be coming out with a Grizzly 990 twin.
BRP will be doing this, Suzuki is doing that...blah blah blah.

This happens every year, and the rumor mill just keeps on churning. Bottom line, we never know what they are going to come out with. These are heavily guarded corporate secrets. To leak the information would be to commit business suicide by letting your competition know what you were releasing.

In speaking with certain reps from a few of the companies, I have learned a little about how they think. Most of us want something bigger better and faster. We represent a small demographic compared to what their studies have shown as to what the rest of the market wants.
Well said GW. And truth be known, the current products available are truely amazing machines.
Thanks, and yes they are amazing machines. Unless you can see BRP or even the other manufacturers make something with the aforesaid mentioned and be able to keep the costs to a minimum in order to yield a profit I don't see any ground breaking products come out. Take the Thundercat for an example; it is the biggest ATV available on the market, which isn't selling too well.

Right now they are selling the ATV's. But where does the line get drawn in the sand? At $9,000 + and in an economic turndown as we are experiencing, will those $9G plus machines still sell this year? If you make something bigger and better, do you still thing it will cost the consumer $9G? My guess is no.
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