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A recently sunk Yamaha Grizzly is acting up

Why does my ATV move in reverse without giving it gas? That’s what one reader wants to know after fishing his Yamaha Grizzly out of a bad situation.

Here is exactly what reader Dylan asked the ATV AnswerMan, followed by his answer:

My 2011 Yamaha Grizzly 700 was recently sunk. After changing oil and differential fluids several times I went to put it in Reverse and the 4 wheeler started moving without giving it gas or anything, just starts going all by itself. It doesn’t do this when you switch to high or low gear, just when you put it in reverse. Opened the clutch panel to look at it and besides seeing a little grease slung around It looks fine. Would you know what the problem is?

Check out the answer here: Why Does My ATV Move in Reverse without giving it Gas? -
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