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White Haven PA ride 6/26

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Got to ride out in white haven PA this past saturday. It was my 450, a grizzly 550, my buddy with his honda rancer at and John who was riding a raptor 700 all modded up for racing GNCC. The raptor kicked major butt on these trails wether rock, mud or just jumping and taking whoops it was very fun to watch him all day...well as long as I was able to keep up with, we did 60 miles and the trails were extremely dusty due to no rain for a while. The one thing I learned on this ride is that the maxxis zillas don't like soft coal too much as I was doing a real easy hill climb and they dug down almost at the top and I just was spinning in some nice rutts I made....oops! Here is a video I threw together from the ride hope you enjoy it.

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BUTCH450 very cool video. looks like a cool place to ride for a day, I'm just learning about white haven. I may check it out!
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