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White Brothers e-series Slip-On Exhaust.. (sport quad)

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There are many sport quad riders all around the world looking for exhaust systems. For me, the White Brothers slip-on was the best choice. Alot of people think slip-on's just sound better and louder but what they dont know is it gives a crazy power increase. Of course, theres many systems to choose from but only one can be the best. From information I have it shows DASA and HMF make the best power increase. The only problem with those exhausts are they are way to loud and abnoxious. I am more into hard, fast trail riding and loud exhaust systems are to abnoxious and get annoying quick. The White Brothers e-series exhaust gives an amazing low & high end power increase. The mid-range stays basic but with a few more cheap investments, that can be solved. The White Brothers e-series exhaust was the best investment Ive ever made for my quad. I highly recommend this exhaust for all riders and riding styles. Overall, White Brothers e-series slip-on exhaust... FIVE STARS! :icon_thumleft: :icon_thumleft:
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How do you know how loud my hmf is ?? you where always in front of me !!!!
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