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My parents are interested in a two-up ATV. They are in their early 70s, but are fit, and in good health for their ages. My father has owned a Brute Force 650i for the past two years, but almost every single time he rides the quad he will bring my mother along with him, and they ride two-up. They really need the longer wheelbase of a two-up machine for safety on some of the steeper climbs.

I told them to get the Can Am, but they think the Can Am ATVs are over priced. Are all of the three brands that make two-up machines pretty much equal? Any particular model they should avoid? Thanks for your input.


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They could try and find a used Traxter. My Uncle has one in 2 up and likes it. He uses it to pull some pretty good sized logs and it does it pretty well.

Its heavy, its wide, and its long. But seems pretty tough. We had my 180lb uncle and my 400lb uncle on it once and it didn't break LOL.

Just thinking that may be an affordable route to go. To me it seems like a cadilac....the seat is step threw...and its very comfy and plush.

Arctic Cat makes a decent 2 up also I believe.


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I think for a two up machine I would have to insist on a Can Am. At best maybe look for a second hand model that is not abused.

I would stay away from the Arctic Cat stuff as I have never seen any of them last as long as an ATV should.

Who is the 3rd manufacture, Polaris? Not much of a Polaris guy myself, they are however putting out some very decent looking machined though.
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