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Which Is Gonna Hold Up Better?

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I am wondering which rim is gonna hold up better?
SS212 Machined


SS108 Black
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What way do you mean hold up? Looks or durability. Looks I would say machined and durability is either one they are both guaranteed.
They are both designed and built exceptionally well. The question is really subjective! What are you doing with them?
They are both going to get beat up. I prefer black because it's easy to touch up with some black paint if you get a good ding in them. THe inside of the rim, alot of the black has worn away due to mud. THe finish on the polished is going to scratched and look like heck as well. Take your pick and buy whichever you like better. In terms of durability, both are guaranteed life structurally.
i was just wondering how the finish would hold up. like if the black would scratch and look terrible and such
Yes I have a set of blacks. I used to mud them pretty heavily with 29.5's, and now they are scratched up. For just normal trail riding you should be perfectly fine.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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