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Where I'm riding this weekend

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I decided to go up to the North GA mountains this weekend to the in-laws. Left my quad at home cuz my father-in-law has a stock grizz700 I can ride so I can save on gas by not taking mine. After I got here, I shot up the hill to try out my new phone for photos since it has a panoramic mode. It's an LG Dare and I love it. Here's the pic and once I ride tomorrow, I will quite a few more normal shots of the view from the house and up at the top.

Since it's a pano view, you may have to pan left to right depending on your screen res.



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nice view! That phone take a pretty decent picture.
Yeah and I didn't realize until I started processing the pic that I took that at a low resolution. Had I had it on the top resolution of 2048 by whaterever it is, the pic would have been much better. I had it at the 640 resoloution. :BangHead:
It's hard to beat panos when taking landscape photos. Great picture especially from a phone. I'd be happy if my phone would act right and get good service! Have fun!

(I'm camping in the back yard with my daughter.)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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