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What will she think of next!!!

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My wife enyween wants one of those waterproof radios to go on the front of her new polaris. Can anyone help me????? Does anyone have one or know much about them?? If it were up to me it would be too loud to hear a danged old radio ;D
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I have heard good things about these. Looks like a good setup. There is also the tube style that require you use an MP3 player like an Ipod or something.

Tunes would be cool sometimes.
No the little wiper you were referring to kinda turned me off. That kinda g........ :eek: well just weird ::)
If she goes "bar deep" in water losing her tunes are going to be the last of her problems. You better be thinking more about a snorkel.
That is funny. You guys are sharing the fish. :laughing7:

I am still trying to figure out the bowl!!
1 - 7 of 40 Posts
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