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What Tires Are For Me?

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Ok 75% of my riding is done on a dirt road that is very smooth. I need a tire with good handling for high speeds. I usually am going prolly an average of 35-45MPH. The other 25% of my riding is up a rough trail to the top of a mountain......with a few good mud holes.......i also ride in the winter with about 2-3 feet of snow. What would you suggest for a tire? I have been using stock tires and have survived in the mud so far. But a better tire i am thinking will handle better at high speed which is what i am riding at 75% of the time
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Koko was saying the Holeshot ATR had major puncture problems and quick wear in his experience. This is due to a soift compound. many people have said that they also experience lower puncture resistance on teh Terracross, possibly due to an overall soft compound and/or soft sidewall. I feel like in response to such problem, ITP has reformulated the Terra compound na dhave now released the new Terracross R/T, a radial, more durable version of the previous Terracross.

The R/T should be an interesting tire. I've always liked the tread design and felt like it would be a great trail, sand, hard pack and little bit of mud tire. However, never would get it before from what I had heard of other's experience. I would like to review a set of them and see how well the new one does.

that being said, for your riding style/conditions, I would say the Terra R/T, Bighorn or maybe even the soon to be release GBC Dirt Commander below.

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