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What tire do you use?

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Post pictures of the tires you use here!
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grizzlywizard said:
Thom said:
26" Swamplites. i like them with exception of wear factor. Center lugs wear real quick. I will get another set but will go to a 27". I am also interested in the new Maxis Zillas. I do not know anyone who has them yet.
I believe Dicks ATV has the Zillas or can get them.
True statement. Dicks ATV DOES have them. Nice price too for the 26's. Just wasn't the tire I was looking for.
Bandit said:
If I told you I would have to kill you. :boxing1:

I looked for ever to find some wheels that i have never seen before. It just seems like if you have a 700 Grizzly you must buy ITP Wheels. ITP's are bada$$ but i just wanted to be different. So i found these and they are called Super Grip 5 spokes.
I thought the same thing bandit, and likewise wanted to get different wheels, but the other brands are just expensive. Those wheels look really good as well as the tires. Great selection.
Gdub is right on point. I also concure that the Bighorns are a great option for the type riding you mentioned desertrat. You might also consider the Terracross's or even the new Bajacross's look like they might be good for that purpose.

FWIW, I'm running stockers now. They are 26" directional tread, radial Carisle's off the show room floor. They pretty good too. But I would rather have Bighorns, Terracross, or something similiar.

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1 - 3 of 30 Posts
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