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What tire do you use?

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Post pictures of the tires you use here!
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26" Swamplites. i like them with exception of wear factor. Center lugs wear real quick. I will get another set but will go to a 27". I am also interested in the new Maxis Zillas. I do not know anyone who has them yet.
Well went back to Swamplites 26 10 12 front 26 12 12 fro rear on the Brute. I love them. price is right and I know how they are so it made the choice easy.
I agree with that. polaris puts the best stock tires on there ride bar none. I had them on my 700 Popo. Nice tread design and agressive enough for the goop.
Like those Super Grip Wheels. Price is good to. Nebraska Tire sels them if I remeber correctly.
1 - 4 of 30 Posts
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