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What tire do you use?

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Post pictures of the tires you use here!
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Those 14" rims are sweet. Its amazing how much larger it makes everything look.
Thom said:
26" Swamplites. i like them with exception of wear factor. Center lugs wear real quick. I will get another set but will go to a 27". I am also interested in the new Maxis Zillas. I do not know anyone who has them yet.
I believe Dicks ATV has the Zillas or can get them.
I think the Big Horns by Maxxis are going to be the toughest tire to go with. But the Terracross tire seems to stick like glue to the trail. Both tires are radial so you are going to get a smooth ride out either.

Size really depends on rider preference. 25" will not rob as much power as 26", and you really do not gain much additional clearance. Some prefer the looks of a 26" or 27" tire. I think they take away a lot of power and handling characteristics myself. But this may be arguable by many.

You an run the same width on the front as the rear. Only thing you will notice is more difficulty steering. But power steering quads solve that issue.

Hope this helps!
1 - 4 of 30 Posts
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