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what else do you like to do

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We all love to ride our atv's. But what else do you guys like to spend your free time doing.
Me i play my xbox and where i spend most of my time at other than riding out at my parents farm just messing around helping them out with things.
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Apparently I like to break stuff when I do a simple top-end mod thus causing my quad to sit in my shop for almost 3 weeks meddling through multiple repairs from stupid mistakes.

On the up side, I finished repairs tonight, I THINK, and it runs so that's positive. It's looking on the up-n-up so I can get back to riding and finishing reviews. I tell myself, if you take it apart enough, you're bound to make a DA mistake eventually. It's just inevitable. Note to self, next time drink more beer so you don't over-think the situation.
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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