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Weather was 65 this afternoon and I got a chance to give the Grizz a bath

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I got to use the Xtream Clean wash and Mug Guard today finally without the water freezing before it hit the bike. Works just as advertised! Sprayed it on let it sit and hosed it off. I will get pictures posted soon of the before and after.

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Excellent. I have had great real good feedback on the detail spray. use some of that and you'll be rivaling Busters for cleanest quad! :icon_thumleft:
Well I used the final detail spray on the black AC without even using the pre wash or mud guard and I was amazed at how well it worked. It leaves no residue or haze like pledge or tire foam. It made the Kitty shine like it was wet.
Just finished detailing mine with the detail spray. Looks pretty trick now!
SARGE said:
:director: where's the pictures!
What he said. :evil5:
OK here are some of the pictures. Keep in mind My quad was not real dirty this time, but it needed cleaned nevertheless.

Product arrives in 1 gallon containers. I must say the sprayer X-tream Clean offers is an excellent idea for applying the ATV Wash. As the directions say just spray it on and wash it off. I let is set for about 5 minutes while I did other things.

Here are some before pictures. Clean/Before1.jpg

Here are some after pictures. I never used a brush on anything. If you wanted to do a little scrubbing ther is no doubt the bike would be spotless. But who has that kind of time? Other than BusterW.

There you go.
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