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We will be reviewing the Essex Surefoot 25" tire very soon

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Here is a little info on the Essex Sure Foot.

For the best off-road performance in mud, snow and rocks choose the 25" or 27" Essex SureFoot. Based on the proven 589MT tread pattern, this 6ply tire has been specially designed and tested for today's heavy ATV and Utility Vehicles. Featuring run flat performance with bullet-proof Kevlar puncture protection, 1190 lb load rating (1115lb for the 25"), reinforced sidewalls for safe traversing and 1 1/8" lugs that eat up any terrain yet run fairly smooth on hard surfaces.

I have personally used these tires in the past with great success! We are looking forward to the opportunity to do a review on these.

This is a company that is often overlooked in the ATV community. Check them out at:
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I've only done jets and clipped the carb spring. I'd love to do an exhaust, but it would have to be quiet. I'm on trail patrol at all hours and I don't want to annoy the landowners who opened the trails to us.
I love 25" tires. Then again my 25" bighorns are almost 26's.
Looks to me that there are going to be super heavy.
I can't believe you can stand on them like that! No wonder they're run flats!!! That's nuts.Nice work Essex Mfg I'm also a bit concerned that you are wearing Crocs. :laughing4:
I needed a good laugh! :violent5:

Back to the tires!
Man I love this site. I will need new tires soon to replace the stockers. I cannot wait to see these reviews in order to make up my mind.
OK after yesterday I thought I would give you guys and gals a little teaser of the Essex Surefoot tire. This tire is absolutely awesome. Essex Manufacturing has take ATV tire manufacturing to a new level in extreme terrain durability. These have superior traction in all types of terrain we tested them in.

My only complaint is the tire height. 25" tires seem to be just a little short for the style of terrain I frequently travel on. Notice the big dent in my Ricochet skid plate? Boy that sure did hurt!
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them tires sure look aggressive
..grizzwiz..what lights are you running. I like how they look and I have the same bumper.

nevermind I zoomed in...they are PIAA...

you guys gotta add this smiley icon
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I couldent help but notice that the tread pattern is IDENTICAL to the TITAN 589's(not ITP's) I am currantly running.Rumor has it that ITP bought Titans old moulds,when they came out with the new version.

Check out Titans website for the Specs.

I run 28" Titan 589's

The good

They will throw mud,rocks,and small fur bearing animals with ease.The trail manners are actually good and they climb well.The side walls are thick,and have a great rimsaver built in.
They claw through anything.Work above average in the mud.I have smashed the sidewall into a tree stump,with no damage or air loss.A blow of half the magnatude sidelined me when running my old XTR's.The rubber compound is hard.Wear very well.

The bad

They are heavy
They suck on ice(as do all mud tires)
They dont measure true(28"s actually measures out at 27 inches)
Nnobody will want to ride behind you(lol)
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Yes, these are excellent tires. I can't comment on how they do in on ice, but I would imagine your comment is accurate.

BTW, welcome to the site slasher! :beer"
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