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We will be reviewing the Essex Surefoot 25" tire very soon

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Here is a little info on the Essex Sure Foot.

For the best off-road performance in mud, snow and rocks choose the 25" or 27" Essex SureFoot. Based on the proven 589MT tread pattern, this 6ply tire has been specially designed and tested for today's heavy ATV and Utility Vehicles. Featuring run flat performance with bullet-proof Kevlar puncture protection, 1190 lb load rating (1115lb for the 25"), reinforced sidewalls for safe traversing and 1 1/8" lugs that eat up any terrain yet run fairly smooth on hard surfaces.

I have personally used these tires in the past with great success! We are looking forward to the opportunity to do a review on these.

This is a company that is often overlooked in the ATV community. Check them out at:
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billybob11 said:
Looks just like my 589's to me.
I see slight the ribs between lugs. Tread appears deeper, but pictures can be decieving.
Nice balancing act there GW :toothy10:

I don't think I've ever seen such tread meat on a 25" tire before??? Man that is insane. That is a good seller for those who don't want size but need the traction. I can think of a few farmers who may be interested in this application if they are puncture resistant.
1 - 4 of 36 Posts
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