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Vericom Computers VC3000PC On Board Vehicle Dynamometer

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Vericom Computers manufactures and sells on board vehicle dynamometers. The VC4000 is an electronic accelerometer computer that provides vehicle brake testing and acceleration or performance testing for a variety of applications. It is an automotive Brake Meter, Performance Analyst, Dynamometer (dynometer), Transit Brake Meter, accelerometer (decelerometer) and more all in one. The VC4000 measures the G Force (acceleration factor, drag factor) 100 times per second. The VC4000 accurately measures average G Force and precisely calculates speed, time and distance for any type of vehicle. With a sample rate of 100 hertz, the VC4000 is incredibly accurate, within 1%. It is easy to operate, completely portable and very reliable.

Applications include Traffic Accident Investigation and reconstruction, Engineering, Bus Testing, Rail Car Testing and Drag Racing to name a few. The VC4000 supersedes the VC3000,VC200 and VC2000 with a more modern look and functionality. The VC4000 is the most modern instrument available for traffic accident investigation and reconstruction in the world. It is used by the experts at Northwestern University Traffic Institute and at the University of Florida Institute of Police Technology and Management (IPTM), and thousands of other experts.

It is also the most accurate and repeatable device for measuring vehicle performance and improving driving skills. It has been used by magazines, television, individuals and professionals since 1986 when it won the SEMA Best New Performance Product award.

Vericom continues to expand its line of products with the addition of our OBDII Vehicle Sensor Interface (VSI) which allows you to monitor and log the generic OBDII parameters with the VC4000DAQ. You may also monitor and log the extended OBDII parameters by connecting directly to a portable computer or a PDA using software purchased separately.

Also available is their Stationary Reaction Timer used by occupational therapists for measuring reaction time and perception time from a light source to a human reaction. After testing is completed with our stationary reaction timer, use our Mobile Reaction Timer to measure human reaction time in a vehicle.
Product Description: VC3000PC On Board Vehicle Dynamometer

  • Two axis accelerometer (X longitudinal & Y lateral).
  • Two built-in levels (pitch & roll).
  • Graphic display 128 x 64 dot EL backlit LCD.
  • Sample rate 100 hertz.
  • Records and displays .
  • 01 second.Records and displays time, acceleration in 2-axis, speed, distance, horsepower, RPM and torque every .01 second.
  • Also displays average acceleration & peak acceleration.
  • Recalls information from previous runs on the display.
  • Quick clutch easy leveling mounting kit.
  • 16 key EL backlit keypad.
  • Tachometer option.
  • Modular connectors.
  • New for the PC version: USB port for transferring files to a computer.
  • RS232 port for transferring files to a computer and for printing on a portable thermal printer
  • Application software Profile© 3.
  • NiMH rechargeable batteries for portability.
  • Battery indicator display.
  • Acceleration testing mode.
  • Brake testing mode.
  • Continuous display of acceleration, lateral G or RPM.
  • Displays table after an acceleration test.
  • Calculates adjusted distance for an adjusted speed using true distance and true speed.
  • Metric and English units.
  • Saves 21.8 minutes (1,308 seconds) of data in Flash memory for transferring to a computer or recalling a previous test.
  • 12V external activation switch.
  • Number of runs stored - 255.Activates from G value or external switch.
  • Dimensions without mounting brackets 6 ¾ in wide, 3 ½ in high, 4 in deep. Weight 1 pound.
Package contents:

  • 1 - VC3000PC
  • 1 - Hard shell carrying case
  • 1 - Vacuum cup mounting kit
  • 4 - Small suction cups
  • 1 - 120VAC to 12VDC wall adapter charger
  • 1 - 12V accessory jack cord
  • 1 - RS232 cable
  • 1 - VC3000DAQ/PC manual
  • 1 - Profile for Windows manual
  • 1 - Profile installation CD
  • 1 - Warranty card
  • 1 - Calibration Certificate
Unit comes pre assembled with mounting kit in carrying case.
Accuracy of the Vericom Computers Dynamometer:

The new 2.14 Vericom VC3000 firmware©
has been tested and certified accurate to better than 1%
  • Speed: .36 mph (.58 kph)
  • Distance: .65 feet (.20 meters)
  • G-force: .01 G
  • Time: .001 second
  1. The following information applies to the VC3000 firmware, version 2.14, released September 15, 2004.
  2. The VC3000 version 2.14 has been is tested and proven to be accurate within 1 % for G-force, speed, time and distance. The testing was conducted in October 2004 at the Minnesota Highway Safety Center, St. Cloud State University, Minnesota.
  3. A calibration certificate will be issued at the time of purchase.
  4. Procedures to check calibration are provided in the owner’s manual. The user is encouraged to check calibration annually or request a factory calibration annual or biennial calibration.
What will this product do for us when reviewing aftermarket ATV and UTV products:

With the Vericom VC3000PC, we will be able to utilize it's full capabilities on our upcoming ATV / UTV product reviews to provide you with a graphical output of the performance gains of a particular product. We will be able to generate before and after graphs to give you real-world data of what you can expect from a particular product so you can better determine if the juice is worth the squeeze on a possible performance upgrade purchase for your quad or UTV.
In other words, you don't have to take our word, or some other review web site's word of what kind of gains were achieved from a given performance product, and you don't have to take the word of the manufacturer of that particular product. We will be able to give you the data right here, on ATV Torture.
Stay tuned for a review of the Vericom Computers VC3000PC.

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