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UPCOMING PRODUCT REVIEW: Vericom Computers VC3000PC Vehicle Dynamometer

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We will be reviewing this product and then using it on upcoming aftermarket performance product reviews to provide you real-world before and after data in a graphical format.

Click here to read the details of the VC3000PC On Board Vehicle Dynamometer / performance meter manufactured by Vericom Computers and see what it will enable us to provide for you.

Because this performance meter is intended to either be implemented as a dash mount or windshield mount, we fabbed up a mounting plate for our Grizzly 700. This will enable us to securely suction cup the Vericom to our quad for testing.

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This will be great for base line information for testing everything from the effect of aftermarket tire wieght/power loss ratio to exhaust and engine mods. This dyno will be a great asset to the review crew.
Wow...looks like a useful tool for tuning.
Well, got the Vericom fully functioning tonight so that it reads RPMs. Now I can work on testing it by tuning in the Velocity VDI this weekend for all my mods.

GW will have his VDI tomorrow (Saturday), so he can play with it as well on a stocker.

I'm tellin ya guys, the Vericom has amazing functions and the VDI is more than you can anticipate from it's capabilities.

It shall be a fun weekend!!

Here's a graph that came out of the Vericom VC3000 from my first run with the Veolicty Devices VDI. It's still not completely tuned, but getting there.

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