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UPCOMING ATV Product Review: Velocity Devices CDI Box for the Grizzly 700

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Velocity Devices CDI - Grizzly 700
I just wanted to let you all know that it has finally happened. Velocity Devices has finished up the long-awaited build of their CDI box for the Grizzly 700. Otherwise known as VDI, they have always been known for an extremely well-made product with lots of features. Velocity Devices has spent a lot of R&D time on this release, so we're extremely excited about seeing the results on the Grizzly 700, that VDI is known for achieving. What's more exciting is that ours are already on the way to our door!

The Copperhead® ECU is a plug and play replacement for the stock ECU in the Grizzly 700 EFI (not a piggyback solution). It controls the timing and fuel, and improves throttle response. It provides a typical 6% power increase from idle to redline (WOT), and a part throttle power increase of up to 25% over stock. In addition, the top speed limiter has been increased to allow for about 16KPH/10MPH higher top speed (results dependant on tire size). The ECU also allows for the speedometer to be recalibrated for different tire sizes, and fuel can be adjusted for aftermarket camshafts and pipes (requires optional USB interface).


  • Multi-Spark Discharge (MSD) allows for maximum power and virtually eliminates misfires, while giving you easy starts and crisp throttle response. Preloaded performance map allows the machine to run cooler, produce more horsepower and more torque, while minimizing fuel consumption.

  • Shipped with machine specific harness that plugs directly into factory wiring harness. Toggle switch on the unit allows user to switch between two preloaded setups.

  • Default preloaded map keeps factory limiters (reverse / speed) and similar power when the toggle switch is in position #1. When the toggle switch is in position #2, all limiters are disabled, and the timing is optimized for maximum power on 87 octane fuel. Setups and maps can be changed and optimized for different fuel grades via the USB Memory Inteface (sold separately).

Stay tuned for the review.

Contact Information:
Velocity Devices Inc.
P.O. Box 47052
RPO Creekside
Calgary, AB
T3P 0B9

Technical Support - For all your technical support questions.
Sales - To place an order, or request a RMA number for a product return.
Info - To find out general information about us or our products.

Office Telephone: (403) 668-7470
Facsmilie: (403) 668-7471
Business hours are:
8:00 AM to 5:00 PM MST, Monday - Thursday
8:00 AM to Noon MST, Friday


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The run I did Sunday before rain hit was a one time pass to test the Vericom VC3000PC more than anything. I had worked a portion of the day trying to making some adjustments to the fuel tables for the VDI. Although this is not complete yet, I'm getting close so I can proceed with doing a few benchmark runs with and without the VDI.

After the runs are complete, I will be able to overlay the before an after runs onto the same graph to compare the results.

Overall, the Velocity Devices VDI box for the Grizzly 700 is a great unit with great features. For a bone stock setup, it should be a direct plug and play b/c Velocity tuned it on a stock Grizzly on their dyno to dial it in. So, what that means is depending on the mods that the quad has you install it on, it may be plug and play or may require tweaking as in my case.

The tweakabilty is very in depth and the manual that comes with the software describes in pretty good detail as to what each item in the software does.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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