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Uni-filter and HMF Swamp Series Exhaust Install - Grizz 700

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This is a fairly simple install. \

First I have to say I was little less than impressed with the packaging of my Uni-Filter for the Grizz 700. The Grizz has a large flat air filter and this one was folded in half and placed into it's plastic packaging. I had flatten out the air filter for a day or two until it would sit flat. You can see how it's curved in the picture.

I had previously only replaced my 660's air filter with K&N. So I was a bit surprised when seeing what an actual "dual stage" filter looked like.

First, access your air box on the Grizz.

Remove the old filter.

Most would think I'd say install the new air filter in reverse order. That is only partly true...some of us miss a crucial step in the process... :pokewithstick:

Now you can reinstall in the reverse order.
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It's important to remember that fuel controller is needed for the new Grizz when adding a new exhaust and airfilter. I've previously installed one on the Grizz and won't be going into the install procedured for that in this write up.

Onto the exhaust. So why did I choose an HMF Swamp Series exhaust. That's a great question, because we all know that I avoid mudholes :gasp: I'd rather cruise along a trail or take on a technical section rather than shake back and forth through the mud. So why the Swamp Series...It really came down to one reason. Sound. I'm not into having an obnoxious sounding bike on the trails. I wanted noticeable gains without a ton of added noise. I was really eyeing the Two Brothers Exhaust, but there was no quiet core available. I found a great deal on a Swamp Series exhaust with all the attachements (snorkel, quiet core, etc). His reason for selling was too quiet. Sounded perfect for me.

The box arrived and I tore into like a kid at Christmas. Here is what came in the box. Pipe, snorkel kit, spark arrestor, quiet core, and end cap and hardware (not pictured)

I opted to not run the snorkel kit or quiet core. I only installed the spark arrestor and end cap. I figured I'd start with the loudest set up and work my way back. I do not condone riding without a spark arrestor.
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Installation was easy. Remove the left side panel from the Grizz and use the allen wrench included with the hardware kit to remove the exhaust spring cover.

These little buggers are tough...I used a coat hanger to pull the top and bottom exhaust spring off.

Unbolt the stock exhaust from the frame.

Reinstall the HMF in the reverse order.

Stock exhaust at idle.

HMF Swamp Series installed at idle.

Here's a better vid from Gearslayer.

Overall the sound is just what I wanted. A little bit throatier but barely louder than stock. Per HMF's website, the current setup I'm running is only 1 Decibel louder than stock at idle.

The following day I took my bike out to Thom's house to tune in the Dobeck Fuel Controller. We basically used the seat of our pants, Dobeck directions, and plug chops to do the work. There is a noticeable gain in power. I was very pleased with the overall performance gains. I know I could get more running a Dobeck Gen III and getting it dyno tuned, better yet even running a more free flowing exhaust. As stated before, that's not what I was looking for. I wanted a similar to stock sound. So far this exhaust has delivered.

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Did you use any high temp silicon between the header and exhaust connection point?
I did not, I didn't remember seeing that in the instructions. I played around with my Dobeck again this weekend. Changed the settings a bit again. Seems to be running real good.
I'm sure you've answered this for me before...but is that with or without a quiet core? :dontknow:
Without quiet core. I'm only running a sparkarrestor. :icon_thumleft:
I put my pipe on the other really is almost as quiet as it was with the ebay tip. bowdown
Did it really liven up the midrange...I think it pulls it real hard and strong with the pipe. I've starting to see the benefits of the cdi. The midrange miss is gone. If you added the CDI at the same time, you'll probably never experience it!
I only took it up and down the street once. I'm getting the CDI on 5/08 so this weekend i was hoping to find some time to tune it in.
Sounds good. You'll be surprised how much difference there is tuning the controller as well.
My pipe was damaged, guess we'll see how good HMF's customer service is :dontknow:
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