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When buying your 1st set of new wheels there can be some confusion in what all the numbers mean.
Maybe this explanation can clear up some of that confusion, or maybe even confuse you even more.

A popular wheel size is 12 x 7.5 4/110
In this case the wheel diameter is 12"
The wheel width from bead to bead is 71/2 inches
The number of bolt holes = 4
The spacing of the bolt holes is 110 mm measured from center of one bolt hole across center of wheel to opposite bolt hole. The bolt pattern can sometimes be listed in inches such as 4/4 which signifies 4 bolts, 4 inches apart.


12 x 8 3+5 4/4
In this case the offset is 3+5.
The 3 signifies the measurement in inches from the inside of the wheel to the centerline of the wheels hub.
The 5 is the measurement in inches of the wheel from the outside to the centerline.
So, the 3+5 means that the center of the wheel is 2” closer to the inside of the wheel which, when mounted on the ATV will push the tire outwards giving it a 1” wider stance on each side than a 4+4 offset, which isn’t really an offset since it is an equal 4” from both the inside and outside of the wheel.
If you don’t see the offset listed when you are shopping for a wheel you can assume that the hub of the wheel is centered on the rim.

Clear as mud?
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