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TricPlate LED Renegade 800 Angel Eyes

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When you mix any vehicle with an enthusiast, the avid enthusiast will end up adding modifications to their ride at some point. This is the case for street bikes, dirt bikes, ATVs, UTVs or other off-road vehicles. Many of these mods are cosmetic while others are functional mods in the form of performance or electronics. Others could be any type of mix of the mod types.

When you deal with off-road vehicles, anyone that spends a lot of time off-road at some point will look for a lighting upgrade. For our Can-Am Renegade 800, we wanted to do a simple lighting upgrade that while somewhat functional, it is more cosmetic and provides a unique look and function to our quad and provided HELLACIOUS cosmetic attention.

Everybody at some point has seen cars going down the road with the headlights glowing with a ring of LED lighting around the actual headlights, commonly referred to as angel eyes, and most common on BMWs from the factory. Enter stage left.....TricPlate LED. TricPlate LED develops an LED light ring to go around the factory projector lights on the Can-Am Renegade 800 to provide and very bright lighting accent. Fitted with 24 LEDs and available in an array of colors, we had to try a white set for our pair of Renegade 800s.

TricPlate also makes the same rings in the proper size for the Can-Am Spyder called TricRing Spyder Eyz well as additional LED lighting accents for the Spyder and any other vehicle that you can dream up to put it on.

The installation of the lights is straight forward and simple. The components that are provided are durable and more than adequate and have provided no trouble after some time in testing.

Overall Impression
The TricPlate Renegade Angel Eyz product is very well made and comes with a super adhesive ring of double sided tape to make them adhere to the factory lighting. With the surface cleaned properly, the tape provides substantial adhesion in any condition. Additionally, because the lights are coated in a clear rubbery material, they are also waterproof and durable to being hit with debris from a rider in front of you.

After months of summer riding in creeks, and blasting them after every ride with a pressure washer, the lights have never suffered failure and have never lost adhesion.​

The TricPlate Renegade 800 Angle Eyz overall have lived up to the standards we expect from a lighting manufacturer and we could not be more pleased with the product as a whole. They give a nice look to our quad while providing some decent lighting at night when used without the factory headlights for nighttime neighborhood navigation at slow speeds.

We originally said that we wanted something that really gave a cosmetic appeal. We have to say that they give a REALLY appealing look that gets a lot of attention to everyone that sees them. We have gotten so many compliments on them when we are visiting ATV parks from people asking where to get the Angel Eyz from TricPlate, that we are even more happy with the install based on the attention that they resulted in. After all, who doesn't like to do a mod and it get the kind of attention that these things get?!?!?!

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Contact Information

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Las Vegas, NV 89108
United States

Phone - 954-328-9507
Web site -
Email - [email protected]
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