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Trailmaster Program

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The ATVTorture Trailmaster program is designed to give our members a chance to buy swag. The best thing about it is that it will not cost you a dime.

The overall logistics of the Trailmasters program is still in the works. However I was so excited about it I wanted to let you know, so you could start working towards your goals today.

Participation in the Trailmasters program is simple. By simply posting and participating in discussions within the ATVTorture forums you will be awarded points. You will also be awarded points for referring a friend or family member to the ATVTorture site. Furthermore, when you submit a review, photos or a video you will be awarded even more points.

The ATVTorture Trailmaster store will have merchandise with a specific “point” value. You simply purchase the items with your points you have received from your site participation.

The store will range from T-shirts, decals and even items like synthetic winch lines; plus much more!

This is how the point system is computed for the Trailmaster Program.

Points for days online
Points that are added for every day since registering. .5

Points for album pictures
Points that are added for pictures uploaded in own profile album 3

Points for referrals
Points that are added for every referral 25

Points for threads
How many points should be given for single threads? 2

Points for tags
Points that are added for every tag the user puts on a thread .5

Points for thread votes
How many points should be given for votes? .2

Points for replies to own threads
How many points should be given for replies to own threads? .3

Points for posts
How many points should be given for post made? 2

Points for views on images (Gallery)
Points that are added for every time user uploads to the Gallery. 3

Points for donations
Points that are added for amounts that has been donated. 50

Click Here to view the Trailmaster shop. reserves the right to re-evaluate or suspend the point system at any time.
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Get back what you put in. I like the idea.
That is sweet. Very cool!

I love this place! Now there's even more to love!
Oh Whoopee !!! ... :yay2: .... I'm so Freak'in excited ! :cheer2:

So tell me .... do ya also get extra points for the use of a lot of the smilies ? :cheer: :cheer:

WHAT ?? :angel9: .... Hey, I HAD to ask, OK !!!! ... :toothy9:

Later ...
Been a whiile since I have been on Great idea
Sounds Great!!!
Just to keep you guys up to date, we have added some additional items. We will also be setting the points up to be much more achievable.
Any ideas on when it will be finished?
You gotta love FREE stuff. Good job guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hello guys i am new for this nice atv forum.
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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