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Yesterday I was traveling and came across a pretty neat place. The place had everything from custom made "choppers" to sandwhiches. Pretty neat store, but anyway to get to the point. This store sold Arctic Cats and they had a Thundercat on the showroom floor. I was truely shocked at how small this quad seemed! I guess I had imagined a 950cc quad to be rather massive in stature. It actually looked smaller than the 700. Weird. Has anyone else noticed this or was it just my imagination?

I only wish they would have had a salesman on the floor so I could have tried to take it for a spin on the test track at the facilities. (That and the KTM 525 :laughing7:)
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The Thundercat has what Arctic Cat calls "ride in" suspension, which is designed with two more inches of race sag than the previous Arctic Cats. I haven't seen a Thundercat in person, but I suppose it certainly could be lower than a normal Arctic Cat, and being lower would make it look smaller.

Too bad you didn't get to test ride the 525. But maybe its a good thing you didn't, ... otherwise you would have probably done the same thing I did. I test drove one around the parking lot, and then bought it. I'm weak, I should be ashamed of myself for getting all happy faced over a little horsepower.

You own the 525 sport quad from KTM? LMAO....I thought you had it in dirtbikeform!
I myself have been setting my sites on the KTM.
I do have it in dirt bike form. Sorry I wasn't more clear about that, I just assumed the 525 he was going to ride was the 525 dirt bike, not the 525 quad. I know better than to ride the 525 quad, because I know I would have to have it if I rode it. :BangHead:
Regardless...I envy your list of toys. BUt I really think you need to test drive one of these KTM's and report back to us. :cheer:
Nope. Not gonna do it. I already spend too much money on toys. Its the orange color that is my weakness. We put orange Maier plastic on our Rhino. My kids Raptor 250 is the orange and black special edition version. There are three orange KTM dirt bikes in the garage already (two are my son's, and one is mine). And my wife had to literally drag me out of the local Dodge dealer when they had a hemi orange Dodge Charger parked outside of their showroom. I saw it, and I was just like a moth being drawn to a bug zapper light, LOL.
3TV said:
I saw it, and I was just like a moth being drawn to a bug zapper light, LOL.
:laughing4: That's funny!

On the Thundercat, It did seem lower, but also shorter in length. I really expected this quad to be geared more torward the utility side of the house but it seems to lean more toward the sport side of the house even though it is utility. Does that make sense?

On the KTM issue I've created, the 525 I spoke of was a quad. They had a 525 and 450 on the floor. They had a PILE of KTM bikes as well. They truely are beautiful machines. I've done a bit of research on them and feel like they are very good quality machines. Of course with quality comes the price tag.
A 525 KTM dirtbike must be insanse.
They are pretty trick looking. Very tall and intimidating. I'd love to own one, but can't justify the expense. It sucks being on a budget.

Back to the Thunder Kitty, I've been wanting to ride one really bad since the day I say it. It just looked like it needed me. :crybaby2:
I'd really like to ride one them as well. it's gotta have some crazy power...
Here's the 2009 Arctic Cat Catalog. It has the same picture that 3TV posted.

Here's a few more details from the dealer show.

New for 2009

PROWLER XTZ 1000,951cc, hoodscoop, handbrake, relocated air intake. Burnt orange color. MSRP $13999

PROWLER 550H1 Flatbed (with stakebed sides) MSRP - $9499

1000 TRV - MSRP $12499

550H1 ATV, no more 650H1 or 400 atv's (still have a 400TRV though)

700H1 MudPro ATV-has snorkel & big tires. 14inches GC

No more DVX400, replaced by DVX300

New 150 4X2 Utility ATV

Thunder Cat is unchanged

The Prowler XTX 700 in gunmetal blue & camo, the Prowler XT 650H1 are both back. The base 650 is gone.
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that file is huge
TRV 1000? Cool! :glasses2:
Since we are on the subject of the 1000 Thundercat. Speedwerx is now making a "True" dual exhaust for the beast. I have been told that it drops the sound levels under 96db.

It is also said to have a much deeper and throatier sound than the stock setup. When this thing is released, they are claiming it is going to blow the competition out of the water.
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There isn't a lot of "real" competion in the 1000cc class anyway is there?
There isn't a lot of "real" competion in the 1000cc class anyway is there?
I think competition being the other exhaust manufactures.
There isn't a lot of "real" competion in the 1000cc class anyway is there?
I think competition being the other exhaust manufactures.
:banging: oops.
I wonder what these beasts can hit on the speedo, i saw a video on you tube of a bombi 850 and a tcat, and the bombi took it, granted only to about 40 mph then the vid was over and the 850 could have been clutched etc .
I do remember seeing a spot on dirt trax a few years ago and thing seemed like a beast was pulling the front tires up at 45 kms, i was impressed by that i would love to have one for an afternoon, anyone wanna loan me one haha.
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