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Thinking of getting into the design side of mods for the Grizzlies...

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Ok... So my buddy and I have been discussing modifications to his grizzly 660. All of the airbox snorkeling that I've seen (with a couple exceptions) have the snorkel coming right up between the `ol twig and berries... I think it's a horrible design and have thought up a couple ways to re-route it to the front. Air flow can become an issue when distance is involved. He's gonna order some spare parts (just incase we mess it up) and we're gonna get to work on either a new airbox design, or just a mod to the existing one... (I'm thinking about relocating it all together...) Perhaps if this becomes a clean and neat package, I might even start to sell them as a kit.

You guys think it'd be a waste of time trying to sell somethin for the 660's now that they're no longer producing them??
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In today's world if they quit making it today, tomorrow it's an antique. LOL. Just kidding. The 660 will be around for a long time yet, but eventually it will see a fate such as the 600. If you can redesign and airbox for the 660, you can do it for anything else bro. Don't limit yourself. Practice with what you have and expand out. JMHO

Good luck with this and keep us updated!

FWIW, I want to fab my own set of bumpers, but hadn't thought of doing it for production.
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