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Thinking about buying a Yamaha

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Well, I have the 7 year itch. I am looking at getting a new quad. I am looking at the Grizzly 700 and the Polaris 850. I know the Yamaha has good reliability, but not too certain about the power steering.

Anyone have any input? Power steering or no power steering. Polaris or Yamaha? Or neither?
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I went from a Grizz 700 with power steering to a Renegade 800-X without power steering. Power steering is the one thing that I truly miss about my Grizz. However, Yamaha is just behind times in power so I would have to put them out of my options.

I cannot force myself to trust the reliability of Polaris and their poor customer service so I would put that out as well. Artic Cat would not ever be an option. Honda, again to me is behind in technology.

Can-Am is currently the only way I would go but the price ain't for the faint of heart.

If it were only between the Grizz 700 with EPS and the Popo, I think I would have to give up the extra power of the 850XP and go with the reliabilty and power steering of the Grizzly 700. All in all, it is an excellent handling and riding machine with a good bit of power, on top of the fact that it is reliable as hell.

Just my thoughts,
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I think you opened yourself up to a highly debated issue. But since you asked, let's proceed.

Much of your choices depend on how you are going to use the ATV the most. Are you using it for hunting, farm work, pleasure or a little bit of all 3?

The 700 Grizzly is a great machine in the 700 class. It's a great machine that will do everything you want or need it to do. As B-dub mentioned, the single cylinder does not have the low end as the v-twins, but the 700 grizzly is a formidable competitor. Reliability on the Yamaha is top notch. Handling with the EPS is very predictable and nimble. Seat height takes a little getting used to as the center of gravity feels uncomfortably high at first.

The EPS on the Grizzly does a fantastic job. It will provide some anti kickback and it allows you to maneuver more effortlessly in technical types of terrain. Another great thing is for the smaller framed individuals (females) they can navigate the Grizzly effortlessly.

Lastly, the Grizzly is equipped with a locking front differential and I think still has the best, or best in it's class at least in the ground clearance. This may or may not be a factor, but I feel that is worth mentioning.

The 850 Polaris is a great machine and a true powerhouse. However, the heavier frame and drive line in my opinion set it apart from being any sort of a sport utility. The 850 motor coupled with a heavy duty drive train is very powerful and quite capable in doing everything from pulling heavy carts to pushing snow.

I dislike the ADC (Active Descent Control) it seems to want to slide out when going down hill in slippery conditions. But this is a feature that can be switched off. The transmission on the 850 shifts smooth and transitions just as smooth when accelerating.

The steering on the 850 Polaris in my opinion feels a little too easy. I could easily see some troubles in overcompensating if you were running tight trails at high speeds.

For a utility machine, the front and rear rack setup that allows you to store a few things inside. To me this makes it convenience for storage of trail necessities without the use of buying a full ATV box. The lock and ride accessories for the Polaris are very cool too.

I have had the chance to ride the Polaris 850 a little and I liked it. I have owned the Grizzly 700 and liked it very well. The machines are equally priced I think that last time I checked. B-dub mentioned service issues, I think this depends on the dealer more than anything else.

I think you get more for your money with the Polaris, however, having not owned one to determine the pros and cons I would have to still stick to the Yamaha. Hopefully someone who owns a Polaris and Yamaha can chime in.

FWIW, Dirt Wheels Magazine just did a shootout between the Grizzly 700,King Quad 750, Outlander 800 and the Polaris 850, all with power steering. Out of the 4 they picked the Grizzly as the winner.

Hope this helps.
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