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Tamarack™ ATV accessories, a company recognized for the “invention” of ATV 
boxes, has innovated the industry once again with the first “boom box” that 
doubles as a dry storage box for ATVs. While other “similar” products on the 
market offer waterproof stereos for ATV racks, the Boom-It adds the convenience 
of lockable dry storage. “We realized that having music on the trail was more 
popular than one might think. When we researched it, we found many home-made 
units with stereos and some companies offering solutions as well, but they all 
had one thing in common—they used rack space and did not offer storage, thus 
eliminating ones ability to mount any ATV box on the rack,” says National Sales 
Manager Sue Malbouef.

Tamarack “Boom-It” features a high-end JBL Marine® stereo, and two 5” 75-watt 
waterproof speakers. It is also Sirius®-ready, MP3 player compatible, and offers 
radio pre-set capability. “It was important that we featured a quality, 
reputable stereo manufacturer that is known for superiority, such as JBL.

Since Tamarack has always been associated with excellence, we could not put our 
name on a product that wasn’t built to last,” explains Richard Carnegie, 
Director of Sales and Marketing. The Tamarack Boom-it began shipping to dealers 
in July 2008 and is available in black, red, and dark green.

For more information call Tamarack at (800) 269-6701 or visit</p>
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