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The latest trek with the Bear . ( pic heavy )

Star and I made an overdue trip up to see the Sleeping Giant of Lake Superior and to visit with friends . I managed to make the drive in one shot in 17 hours and although the weather stayed a tad on the bad side for most of the trip it did not stop us from doing our thang for 15 days .

The bride and I at the first scenic spot on the mighty lake .

The big Goose I got in Wawa . LOL

The last stop at the Dorian store before heading many miles back into the bush .

Couldn't pass up on a dinner of grouse on the way in and still have my shoes on ..LOL

Had a dear friend Muriel and her pack along for the adventure .

Our base of operations during the wind ,rain and snowfall .

Even Muriel who is a first time ATVer handled the Big Bear with confidence .

Yes and my bride Star is along for the hunt .

Even gets her own dinner . LOL

Need two birds to feed a hungry trapper . hehe

And a bouncing bunny has hopped himself into the pot too .

Serenaded the girls and dogs before bedtime . LOL

A wee tad of of old man winter also moved in for our pleasure .

Lots of laughs the girls got when an ol trapper gets into the hardstuff and is performing at his best . LMAO.

There is a reason I call the bush country my soul and why I have an inner need to be there often .

I hope you enjoyed this latest of adventures . That tent trailer sure wasn't roughing it but had its trials and tribulations with the kind of weather that blew in . LOL


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Dang Trapper Dude ... looks like ya had a Heck of good time ! ... Great country ya visited too !

Thanks for shar'in the trip with us & post'in the pics ... both are great !!!

Later ...
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