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The Day After I Win The Lottery ...

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Yep. I'm in love now. I can always count on you 3TV. I will be day dreaming about that one.
For a mere $650,000, I think you would need two so your buddy can race along beside you.

Whatta truck!
That is definately the baddest desert truck I have ever seen, think I would have to move to the desert just so I can justify buying one! Thanks, 3TV I needed somthing to make me stare in amazement today! I also second BusterW and everyone needs a couple, hey maybe we can get a fleet of them and have a huge desert race!....LMAO!!
I just can't get over this ride! Why would anyone with money buy anything else? This has it all!
I'd just buy the new Ford F150 about a slick truck dialed in by SVT.
Do you know of any on-line reports on the F150 Raptor? What is the price of that truck going to be? I'm guessing $65K for the 6.2 engine version. I have been planning on replacing my current truck sometime in 2009 (no it wont be replaced with the desert race truck at the start of this thread), and I had been thinking about going with a Dodge Power Wagon. But after seeing the initial reports on the Raptor I want to at least find out more details about the Raptor before getting any more serious with the Power Wagon. The only thing I don't like about the Raptor is the width. They say it is "almost as wide as a dually". Have you ever done any four wheeling at all with a dually truck? I have, and our dually wont fit anywhere. Those big wide dually fenders are oak brush magnets, and if the Raptor is that wide there is no way the paint would survive even one trip on a "normal" Jeep road.

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I haven't read any first hand reviews. Just what's been posted on and

I didn't hear it was that wide. I agree, for regular wheeling it would be "too wide" but as a desert runner on the other hand....
Thanks Koko. I found lots of information on the Raptor F150 on those sites, and I must say that it looks "good enough" for me. It looks like I've got about one year to save my lunch money before the 6.2 model comes out.

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I'd stick with the Power Wagon. While it would not be able to go as fast on rough terrain, It would be a better crawler. Two lockers for real 4WD. 12k LB winch. With the P/W you get a 3/4 ton truck, solid axels and the ability to tow more toys behind you. Just my .02
I'd stick with the Power Wagon. While it would not be able to go as fast on rough terrain, It would be a better crawler. Two lockers for real 4WD. 12k LB winch. With the P/W you get a 3/4 ton truck, solid axels and the ability to tow more toys behind you. Just my .02
I am with formguy on that, and it's a DODGE!!!! ;;s;;
My wife and I test drove a 2009 Ram 1500 Quad Cab with the 390 HP Hemi in it today. That new Hemi is an impressive motor, the new Ram really gets up and scoots. I plan on test driving the three trucks I'm thinking about several times each before I start getting real serious.

The Power Wagon would be the most practical. The Raptor would be the most fun. My wife would enjoy driving the Ram 1500 the most. And the truck will also have to function as her daily driver, being as she wont drive the Jeep, so I can drive the truck.
While I'm not a huge Dodge fan, forum guy had a good point. However, you have all the 4WD ability you will ever want in that Jeep of yours. I'd also venture to say off-road and prolly even on-road, that the 6.2l Ford would blow the doors on the Dodge. Whats more is that the ford will be more Unique and offfers an awesome package not found in any other pickup.

The Dodge seems the practical way to go, the Ford seems the fun way to go. What would be nice would be some comparison pics. I don't think we completely understand that Ford. Pictures next to a Dodge, Chevy, and even a standard F150 would be great. Maybe there are some out there. I haven't researched the Raptor a bunch.

I think the bottom line is they're both great trucks and you have a very tuff decision ahead.
Definately a tough decision, but BG's right I don't know much about the raptor either and some comp. pics would be great. I guess you would also have to look at your price differences too, the ford may have the faster motor but is it worth the extra you have to pay for the special package??? Good luck on the decision, but whatever you decide I think we all want to see pics of it!!!!
The don't say it in this video, but the shocks are by Fox Racing! Side note: If this is the same truck that will be offered to the public, I don't recall any stock machine that will deal with that terrain they way that truck is, multiple times, without serious mechanical failures. One more side note: if they would offer it in a crew cab (aka full size four doors) I'd be in love.

Well the decision is not certain yet. As I see it I have three choices right now, and because of the economy I'm still not 100% certain the Raptor is ever going to really get to the show room floors. My choices are: Dodge Ram 1500 TRX4; Dodge Ram 2500 Power Wagon; Ford SVT Raptor F150. I would suspect that without incentives these three trucks are each about $10,000 apart, with the Ram 1500 being $36K, the Ram 2500 Power Wagon being $46K, and the SVT Raptor being $56K, but the Raptor price is a guess.

The Ram 1500 is the most practical, and it would do what I need it to for the most part. But what is the point? We already have a GMC Canyon Crew Cab Z71 that will go anywhere the Ram 1500 will go off road, and we almost never take it back country exploring because the Jeep works better. Although the Ram 1500 would be able to tow our Jeep if we had a lighter weight trailer, which the Canyon pickup can not do.

The Ram 2500 Power Wagon would be used more off road, simply because it is much more capable, but my wife would not want to drive it as her daily driver. I suspect that with the Ram 2500 I would still use the Jeep for off road use almost exclusively though, so we would have a fantastic truck that did not get used for what it was designed for.

The Raptor is the least practical for daily use, and the most expensive. But it is two feet shorter, and looks a little lower than the Ram 1500, so I'm pretty sure my wife would be happy driving it as her "car". And you can bet your ass that it would be used offroad, ... a lot! Oh baby, 1 foot of suspension travel with triple bypass shocks, ... you can bet I'm going to take it off road every time I get the chance. We could keep the Jeep for the tougher off road terrain, or the narrow brushy trails. And the Raptor would even tow the Jeep if I had a trailer that weighed 1550 lbs, or less (the Jeep weighs 4350 lbs).

Speaking of which, ... I just sold my 20' enclosed trailer that weighs 3450 lbs empty, and tomorrow I pick up an all aluminum 18' open transport trailer that weighs 1500 lbs. I even came out $2000 ahead, because the new trailer cost less than I sold the old one for. Betcha can't tell what I'm starting to make plans for. ;)
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DO IT MAN! DO IT! Just think how hot that KTM and Gade would look behind that Raptor! :tongue3:
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