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Textron Off Road Havoc X vs. Polaris General 1000 EPS Deluxe: By the Number

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We’ve been hearing rumblings about a Sport-Utility UTV from Textron for a while now. Now it’s time to see how the Textron Off Road Havoc X compares to the Polaris General.

When Textron Off Road first brought several of us out to drive the Stampede when it was under its Bad Boy banner, it hinted at the technical briefing that some new stuff was already in the works. Later that evening, we were able to pry some more information from one of the technicians after pouring more than few drinks down him. What he described sounded like a great machine and one we would be really interested to see. Of course, that machine he was referring to has now been unveiled as the new Textron Off Road Havoc X.

Since that time back in Moab a while ago, Textron underwent a rebrand and then a merger, buying out Arctic Cat and blending those two companies. Some may think that the Havoc X is something that came from AC, but in fact it’s all Textron. The only thing that can obviously be seen as coming from Cat is the suspension. The Havoc uses King shocks, much the same as the premium Wildcat lineup. This is a good thing, as AC is well known for having some of the best suspension systems on the market. So where does the Textron Off Road Havoc X fit in the marketplace? One only has to look squarely at the Polaris General to see who Textron feels is the competition. Let’s take a look by the numbers.

Check it out here: Textron Off Road Havoc X vs. Polaris General 1000 EPS Deluxe: By the Number -
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