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2007 Grizzly 700 Winch Installation

Ok, so overall the install took me a good amount of time. Mostly due to a couple of things that were a pain in the the you know what and me taking breaks to watch football on the TV in the garage.

First picture here is of the winch and everything that comes with it. You've the fairlead (if you use the cable get a roller fairlead if you use a sythetic rope use the smooth one pictured).

Along with the winch comes the mounting kit. This kit also comes with shortened yellow and blue wires for you to use instead of the ones that came in the winch box. You will need these. You can also see the holes predrilled in the back of the mounting bracket for contactor box. This is where you should mount it.

Mounting plate installed. Note...use loctite on these bolts and do not install until the wiring is all in place. I tightened the bolts down and loctited them, only to have to remove them the next day to install the contactor box.

The next thing I did was install the winch controller. I opted to mount it the way you see in the picture. Yamaha provided a nice plastic ring around the bars as well.

When installing the controller below is the picture of the bolts I used and didn't use. As well as an extra mounting piece.

Once installed, care that the bottom nut has enough clearance for the brake mechanism. I didn't check this and had to adjust it after I was finsihed and went to put the quad in gear and grabbed the brake.

Next I tapped the accessory outlet wiring harness for power. It is the pink wire pictures. I also made my own power lead with a butt connector.

Next I installed the female butt connector to the power lead from the winch controller and connected it the power lead from the picture above.

The next picture you can see how much extra wire there is for the winch controller. I just bundled it, tie wrapped it and stuff it the open space under the grizzly's dash. You can also see where I passed all the wires from under the hood to the contactor box underneath the grizz.

One tip to remember, is when instaling the positive and negative connections back on the battery along with the winch's positive and negative connections, use and an allen wrench to get under the "nut" at the battery terminal so you can lift it up and grab it with the bolt.

Now under the grizz's battery tray and behind the radiator, you will have a red cable, black cable and green and black wire that came from above. As well grab those two short yellow and blue cables that came with the winch mount. Remember to slip on the black boots as well. One of the boots was a pain in the butt to get over the nut once it was tightened down. I lost time on that one. Make all connections and connect the contactor box to the back of the winch mounting plate.

Next bolt down the winch moutning plate. Then the winch plate with fairlead and the winch. Here is a picture from below.

Connect the two short blue and yellow wires to the winch.

And at this point you are finished. I also chose to install a synthetic winch line instead of the steel cable.

First you have to cut this tab off of the winch line.

It will look like this when finished.

Feed the winch line through as shown

Then stuff the head back in. It will only go in about an inch.

Make sure you put that metal tab back in. And pull the winch rope tight once it is in place.

Wind up the new winch rope and you are done!


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Thanks for the write up dude i will be doing this soon
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