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<h1 class="style1">Tech tip:  Moose Winter Pak Heated Grip Install on a Grizz 700</h1>
<p class="style1">The following is a writeup for the install of Moose Winter Pak on an  07 Grizz. Install was very easy. Biggest decision I had was where to  make the splice for the power. The directions said use either the  accessory outlet, headlight, or dash power lead. THe headlights were  ruled out because they only had power when they were switched on. The  accessory outlet, I'm leaving to be used to power the winch, so that  left the dash. 


  I skipped taking pictures of the mounting of  the grips. Thats pretty straight forward, if anyone wants them, I can  post them up. The stock grips were to remove with an air compressor  and the Moose Grips installed easily with some WD40 per the  directions. 


  First off the ground wire was ridiculously  short. So I had to add an extension to it along with the wire end you  see there so it can be bolted down. 




  Thankfully  the Grizz 700 has the same thing as a Grizz 660. Behind the radiator  there is a place in the frame that is threaded. Luckily I had an extra  bolt that fit perfectly. It makes for a great place to ground the wire  too. 


<p class="style1">In this picture you can see the wiring harnes I used to splice into.  This harness supplies power to the dash. Two wires have power in this  harness. One is constantly there and the other is only when the key is  on (thats the one you want to use). Instead of splicing directly to  the grip harness. I made an extension with a male end so that it could  easily be connected in the event it's the way for servicing. 


<p class="style1">Wiring is complete and tie wrapped into one bundle. You can see where I  tied the male and female power leads together in the picture. It's  right in the center where you black shrink wrap - red black shrink wrap.


<p class="style1">Finsihed and tie wrapped to existing wire so that it doesn bounce around.


<p class="style1">The last picture is of the control module mounted. Last time on my old  Grizz I mounted it dead center on the plastic piece in the middle of  the bars. I wanted to try something different so I mounted it where you  see it. On the left it was kind of in the way of the shifter. Plus the  winch control will be mounted on that side of the bars. So I mounted  it where you see. It's out of the way and does not contact the machine  with the bars at full lock. 












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