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TECH TIP: KFX-700 Carburetor Modification

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I started out with a few carburetor mods in mind. I was going to shim the needles, but to my surprise, this bike came with a carburetor kit installed so it already had modified springs and different needles.

Finally I decided that the slides dull matte finish was ugly. I got my gunsmithing hones, some 1000 grit sandpaper and went to town de-burring the carb slides and smoothing them out. After wards, I finished the project up by buffing out the slides.

Here are a few pictures of the finished project.

This made a difference in throttle response. It now revs much more fast.

The project can be done by leaving the carbs on however it is a little less convenient.

You also do not have to remove the diaphragm on the slides. It is easier if you do, just be careful and remember when re-assembling the slides into the carburetors the the dimple on the slide goes up and take extra care not to tear the diaphragm.
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