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TECH TIP: KFX-700 Carburetor Modification

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I started out with a few carburetor mods in mind. I was going to shim the needles, but to my surprise, this bike came with a carburetor kit installed so it already had modified springs and different needles.

Finally I decided that the slides dull matte finish was ugly. I got my gunsmithing hones, some 1000 grit sandpaper and went to town de-burring the carb slides and smoothing them out. After wards, I finished the project up by buffing out the slides.

Here are a few pictures of the finished project.

This made a difference in throttle response. It now revs much more fast.

The project can be done by leaving the carbs on however it is a little less convenient.

You also do not have to remove the diaphragm on the slides. It is easier if you do, just be careful and remember when re-assembling the slides into the carburetors the the dimple on the slide goes up and take extra care not to tear the diaphragm.
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Well I must say that this is a mod worth doing. I noticed immediate improvement to throttle response. If you own a Prairie or KFX-700 give it a try. You will be impressed.
How easy is this carb to get to and take off?
Carbs (plural)

Not bad really. The carburetors on the V sit in the bike on a 90 deg. angle. So you can access the top of the carburetors from the left side of the bike very easily. It would be easier to take the air box off, but I don't think it will save any time due to the labor involved it.

You cant really tell in the pictures but for those who have messed with carb slides before you probably remember that the slide is somewhat rough with a matte finish and is a cast aluminum product. I literally removed in imperfections to the casting and sanded it down with 1000 grit paper. Afterward I buffed it out with a buffing wheel and polishing compound until it had a mirror finish. This allows the cab slides to float in the body and respond much more efficiently.

My next modification is going to be to drilling dimples all over the slide to remove as much material as possible without destroying the integrity of the slide. I need to experiment with some aluminum to determin how much weight will be removed from the slide. Lighter slide means quicker response. WISH I HAD A DYNO TO TEST THIS ON.
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