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TECH TIP: Dalton clutch spring installation - billet cover installation

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Changing the primary clutch spring on a Kawasaki KFX-700

When I first started riding the KFX-700 I decided, while it was a fast machine with a nice torque curve; it still needed more. A call to

and he recommended a few things to change right off the bat to give me the seat of the pants power I was searching for without cracking into the
top end of the engine right off the bat.

Dalton orange/blue spring

Part number DPPS-O/BL

billet clutch cover offers more strength, lighter weight, and
better cooling for the Kawasaki KFX 700

recommended that we try the Billet Clutch Cover (DCC-101), as well as the DK 700V blue spring and fly-weights.

also sent an Orange/Blue spring which they thought may be just the right combo I am looking for. For this particular article and tech tip I am only going to install the orange / blue spring and billet clutch cover to see
what kind, if any improvements are made.

The primary clutch spring swap-out on the KFX-700 is very easy and can be accomplished with just a few hand tools. You may use pneumatic tools, but it is not necessary for this particular task.

Our first step is to remove the clutch cover bolts with a 10MM ratchet and 6 inch extension exposing the convertor system

Next we remove the center bolt. Note the direction arrow on the clutch cover. The threads are left handed.

We then remove the 8 10MM bolts holding the clutch cover in place. Caution! The cover is under slight spring pressure.

With the clutch cover removed, the spring is now free. Go ahead and pull the old spring off and set aside.

Replace the old spring with the new spring and install the new billet clutch cover. Note: There are sleeves on the back of the cover that need to line up. There is also an arrow on the clutch sheave and an arrow on the clutch cover.
Index these arrows so they both point in the same direction.

You can install any shims behind the spring if necessary.

Tighten the clutch cover bolts to 113 In-lbs

This is a good time to inspect your belt deflection also.

Click the image for standard belt deflection information.

Now you can re-install the main bolt, and the 8 10mm bolts. Torque the main bolt to 69 ft-lb and the 8 10mm bolts to 113 in-lbs or approximately 9.4 ft-lbs.

Re-install the clutch cover make all safety inspections and test.


While the first tests were conclusive that the orange spring drastically increased the stall engagement making the 700 very abrupt on the take off. My impressions were that it felt like a utility quad in low range. While this may be fun riding around with the front wheels in the air all day, it is not going to help the style of riding I am going to be doing. Possibly once I get my Trail Tech Vapor installed I can have somewhat an Idea where the RPM's are actually engaging.

My next step will to go ahead and install the flyweights to see if that will change the explosive, high RPM take offs.

Stay Tuned!

For more information or to order you Dalton clutch system contact Dalton at:

Dalton Industries Limited

355 Vimy Road,
Truro, Nova Scotia
B2N 4K2 Canada
Phone: (902)-897-3333
Fax: (902)-897-6254
[email protected]
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This is also very similar to the installation for a Kawasaki Prairie and Brute Force. ATVTorture still recommends the use of a current service manual before performing any internal modification.
I always go trail riding and go threw mud and do hill climbs with my kfx 700 and would the orange/blue spring be good for me? Im mostly lookin for alittle more torque.
Yes, the orange/blue spring is a great compromise for trail riding. It offers a nice transition and limited stall on the bottom end.
Yes, the orange/blue spring is a great compromise for trail riding. It offers a nice transition and limited stall on the bottom end.
since I ride the rough and muddy trails I want to put 24 inch mud lite AT tires on my KFX 700 and what primary and secondary clutch springs are good for that and I saw that EPI makes a bunch of clutch springs
Well by adding the taller tires going from a 22" to a 25" will drastically change the vehicles gear ratio. Your best bet would be to contact the staff at Dalton Industries. They are very knowledgeable and have encountered nearly every scenario imaginable. They will point you in the right direction.
O okay I'll e-mail them tonight and see what they say
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