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Tail Light not working

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hey, last week end i noticed my tail light wasnt working. I have had much time to look at it but i will this week end and i was wondering if u could help me figure it out, the light bulb looks fine but i didnt have time to take it out yet. Its the only thing not working so could it be a fuse? if so with fuse would it be? oh ya its a 09 outlander 800
Thanks for all the help.
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if you have a meter, check the voltage to the socket. If not, try replacing the bulb. Does the brake light work?
no the brake light doesnt work. but i will check to see if its getting voltage
I suspect the bulb or the fuse (don't have my manual handy to say which one). Could be corrosion in the bulb socket, but hard to say. Mine is sealed up well (had it all apart to change the lid on the tool box - long story) so the corrosion is not likely, but possible.
Yep, I would do the easiest first. Check or replace the bulb.
I've replaced bulbs that looked perfect....other than the fact they didn't work. I too would ensure the bulb was working properly, then follow the trouble shooting steps.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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