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Suzuki Announces Regional Events to Showcase 25th Anniversary

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Suzuki Announces Regional Events to Showcase 25th Anniversary

Brea, CA - March 25, 2008 - In 1983 Suzuki introduced the QuadRunner LT-125 - the industry’s first 4-wheeled ATV - and began a 25-year history of Suzuki delivering ATVs with cutting edge innovation, proven reliability and raw power.

During this quarter century, Suzuki has done more than just give birth to a new industry, it continuously sets new standards as to what consumers should demand in quality and performance. In addition to being First on 4 Wheels, Suzuki has also led the way by being First with youth quads and sport quads, First with independent suspension and differential lock and First with a race ready motocross quad.

"Suzuki is committed to being the leader in both the motorcycle and ATV industries and our products reflect that,” said Mel Harris, Vice President of American Suzuki’s Motorcycle/ATV division. “We are dedicated to challenging ourselves to develop new and exciting technology that will continue to move the product line forward."

American Suzuki is inviting all Suzuki ATV owners to join in the 25th Anniversary celebration throughout 2008 at five regional ATV events. Activities will vary by location, but look for a big Suzuki hospitality tent with food, prizes, demo rides and youth events scheduled.

Suzuki's 25th Anniversary "First on 4 Wheels" Celebration Locations

May 2-3
WPSA ATV Open Championship, Oak Hill Raceway, Alvord, TX

June 14-15
WPSA ATV Open Championship, Wild Cat Creek MX, Rossville, IN

July 30-August 3
Oregon DuneFest, Winchester Bay, OR

September 15-20
Rocky Mountain ATV Jamboree, Richfield, UT

October 9-13
Hatfield McCoy TrailFest, Gilbert WV
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