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Hey Guys, a few of us from this site and went to Snoeshoe Rails to Trails in P.A. on 6/12 for a group ride. It is exit 147 off I 80 and has all types of terrain and varying difficulty levels. We are putting together another group ride in P.A. for Rock Run on July 17th and 18th as they are having a ride till midnight on the 17th. We will probrably put together another ride for August at Bloody Skillet which is in Sproel State Forest in P.A. as well. This link will take you to the PA group ride thread on GR for details.
GR Group Ride PA - Grizzly Riders - Yamaha Grizzly ATV Forum

Here is a video I put together for the SSRT ride we just did. You can see a few raw videos from me and some other members videos from the trip at this link.
GR SSRT Group Ride Videos - Grizzly Riders - Yamaha Grizzly ATV Forum

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