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Sportsmen’s group opposes ATV registration in Md.

Sportsmen’s group opposes ATV registration in Md.
From Staff Reports
Cumberland Times-News

The Cumberland Times-News was provided a copy of this letter that was sent to the District 1 Delegation to the Maryland General Assembly.


As in past years, when this bill (House Bill 960, Off Highway Vehicles Title/Registration) was introduced our organization has and will always speak out in strong opposition to this unnecessary bill. This is a bad bill in many ways and displays the greed of the all-terrain vehicles manufacturers’ industry.

This bill is redundant and is another form of government control on individual freedoms. This bill would cause financial burden on ATV owners by requiring owners to pay title and registration every two years.

The State of Maryland currently has laws (Maryland Transportation Article) regulating ATV use. It is illegal to ride ATVs on highways. These machines are only used for recreational purposes on designated state trails which require registration and a fee and private property. There is no valid reason to require title and registration other than industry greed.

Inspection of current designated trails in Allegany/Garrett counties reveals abuse and destruction by ATV users. The lands around current trails have experienced destruction of forest and flora because of illegal use by ATV riders. The Green Ridge Trail is a prime example.

If the ATV industry would like more trails built for riders they should purchase or lease land and design and manage their own trails.

The Natural Resources Police has neither the manpower nor the means to effectively enforce laws caused by ATV violators. This bill would place a burden on that agency. The Department of Natural Resources has continuously incurred budget cuts and again has neither the manpower nor the funds to build and maintain ATV trails.

The Allegany/Garrett Sportsmen’s Association is requesting your support in opposition to this bill.

William M. Wilhelm, President


Sportsmen’s Association

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I find this letter confusing, and poorly written.

Who is he addressing or trying to attack, the government or the atv industry. He keeps talking about the "greedy manufacturers", but the letter was sent to the General Assembly (the body responsible for proposing and passing Bills).

Then there's this quote:

"The Natural Resources Police has neither the manpower nor the means to effectively enforce laws caused by ATV violators."

I wasn't aware the atvers caused laws.

IMO, if your going to represent a group of people and write a letter to the General Assembly, on their behalf, in an attempt to convince the GA that they're wrong and you're right....try to make it coherent.

I really don't think this letter will be taken seriously.

My 2 cents.
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